The Presentations given over the past years of the Society have covered a variety of aviation topics, shown below with the names of the Speakers and  the dates.

16Nov10                         Arjoon SuddhooAerodynamic Wing Design
16Mar11                              Dick TwomeyNew Airline in Cold-War Berlin
14Jul11                            Patrice FrançoisInfrastructure Development at SSR Airport
06Oct11           Sachidanand Rambrichh Regulation of Civil Aviation in Mauritius
05May12                            Dick Twomey  The Supersonic Concorde
05Jul12           Sachidanand Rambrichh  Air Accident Investigation
04Oct12                           Tristan BrevilleThe History of Aviation in Mauritius
06Dec12                                 Garth Gray  Seeing is believing, beyond the Glass Cockpit
28Feb13                          Arjoon SuddhooRenewable Energy for the Aviation Sector
28May13                P François/
A LeGros 
Guided Tour of the New Passenger Terminal at SSR Airport
04Jul13                             Serge Maurice Aviation Medicine
26Sep13                               Andre ViljoenAir Mauritius Towards Recovery
21Nov13                 Sarupanand Kinnoo Air Traffic Control in the Mauritius Region
13Feb14                           Patrice BechardThe Airbus A380
08May14                                  Stuart Fox General Aviation (GA) in Europe and Beyond
10Jul14                      Silvano de GennaroCERN A Flight through Space and Time
02Oct14                          Arjoon SuddhooThe Rolls-Royce Trent: Innovative Aerodynamics
05Dec14       Jane VallsAeSM Inaugural Annual Dinner, speech by Chief Guest
26Feb15                Renganaden VirasamiMeteorology for Aviation
26Mar15Dick TwomeyAeSM AGM, President’s Report
14Apr15                                      Bill Tyack
President RAeS
The Royal Aeronautical Society from its Origins to the Present Day
18Jun15                         Dinesh SomanahExploring Space: From the Mauritius Radio Telescope to the Square Kilometer Array
20Aug15    Megan Veerasamy                 Veling Aviation and Visit to the YU GA Lounge at SSRIA
19Oct15                         Dinesh SomanahVisit to the Mauritius Radio Telescope at Bras d’Eau
14Dec15      Georges Chung Tik Kan AeSM Annual Dinner, speech by Chief Guest
28Jan16                              Serge RivièreAntoine de St Exupery: A Life
24Mar16Dick TwomeyAeSM AGM, President’s Report
04May16                     Martin Broadhurst
President RAeS
Unmanned Flight: Current Developments and Future Possibilities
11Jul16                           Patrice Bechard The Airbus A350
01Sep16              Parmanund Soobarah  The Early Days of Plaisance Airport, now SSRIA
03Nov16                            Jacques GentilA Fiji Island Experience
02Dec16      Dick TwomeyAeSM Annual Dinner, Review of the Year
25Jan17                                  Chris Atkin
President RAeS 
Technology, Innovation and Changing Product Strategies in Aeronautics and Aviation
23Mar17                              Dick TwomeyAeSM AGM, President’s Report
04May17     Carlo Viberti                          SpaceLand’s Business Plans
12Jul17                  Ahmad Zahir Mokhtar Trends and Technologies in Aircraft Maintenance
24Aug17                         Anshul Sharma  Coastguard: The work of the Maritime Air Squadron
24Nov17                         Salim Torabally Presentation of Air Mauritius A350 aircraft
24Nov17     HE Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of MauritiusAeSM Annual Dinner, speech by Chief Guest
15Mar18                        AeSM MembersAeSM Visits Air Mauritius A350-900 aircraft
01Mar18                                 F Shamutally/
Z Soreefan
A First Step into Space: Designing and Building the First Satellite in Mauritius (MRC)
25Apr18                           Stephen Dalton 
President RAeS
The Commercialisation of space
29Mar18     HE UK HC Keith AllanAeSM AGM and talk by UK HC: 30 Years of British Diplomacy by Yak, Tupolev, Ilushin etc
13Jun18                              Dick Twomey Concorde and the Supersonic Revival
26Jul18                              John McIlraith AIR-TEC: A Mauritian Contribution to Aviation
13Sep18                      Jagadish SoobarahRole of Engineers in today’s society
07Dec18Joël GentyAeSM Annual Dinner, Development’s of SSRIA (ATOL) by Chief Guest
28Mar19Dick Twomey AeSM AGM, President’s Report
24Apr19Simon Henley
President RAeS
The Sabre Engine and Next Generation Space Access
12Jun19Shyam FulenaHuman Factors in Aviation
20Jul19HE US Ambassador David Dale Reimer
Howard Nye
Carlo Viberti
Vickram Bissonauth
Bhasker Desai
Ricaud Auckbur
Moon Walk Jubilee
10Oct19HE Indian HC Tanmaya LalIndia Skyfaring
06Dec19Donald PayenAeSM Annual Dinner
Current challenges and opportunities of the aviation industry at the global and regional level by Chief Guest
14Oct20Raj MakoondCaptain Richard Twomey Memorial Lecture
“Dick Twomey and a lesson in the journey beyond the opposites”
Raj Makoond
Param Soobarah
Shyam Fulena
Michael Atchia
Raj Bhujohory
AeSM Annual Dinner
The Effect of Covid-19 on Aviation
08Jul21A. Basseer JeeawodyEmotional Wellbeing in Aviation
21Oct21Nadiir BheekhunVanilla Alliance 2.0 :
A Revisited Strategy for Sustainability
18Mar22Serge RivièreTravels with Voltaire: Academic Memoirs
19May22Shyam FulenaThe Air France Concorde Crash on 25 July 2000