The Model Glider Competition was held at Côte d’Or Stadium on 3 May 2024, with 40 teams participating in the finals from students of Grade 10 and Grade 12. The Chief Guest was Captain Jean Luc Cincotta a seasoned airline pilot and flight instructor from Canada.

The winners category 1 (Grade 10):

Frank Richard SSS – Captain Twomey’s Award – First Prize of Rs 10,000.

Doha Secondary School – Second Prize of Rs 6,000.

New Devton College – Third Prize of Rs 4,000.

The winners category 2 (Grade 12):

Doha Secondary School – Captain Twomey’s Award – First Prize of Rs 10,000. 

Piton State College – Second Prize of Rs 6,000.

Shrimati Indira Gandhi SSS – Rs 4,000.

It was the 8th edition of the Model Glider Competition organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (RGSC) and the Aeronautical Society of Mauritius (AeSM).

One of the objectives is to inspire students to study engineering and increase their awareness of careers related to aeronautics.

Captain Twomey was a one of the founding members of the AeSM. He was an experienced pilot who flew for British Airways and other airlines. At one time he had his own airline in West Berlin during the closing years of the cold war. He finally settled down in Mauritius after his retirement as Director of Flight Operations at Air Mauritius.

Demonstration by the Club des Modèles Réduits (CMR)